ASDOMAR Tuna, Exquisite Canned Fish

ASDOMAR tuna boasts management with deep knowledge, and a great passion for canned fish. The exceptional quality of ASDOMAR Italian tuna is due to the union between the craftsmanship that begins during the cleaning process, carried out by women whose experience is handed down mother to daughter, and the advanced technology and pride that characterises all of ASDOMAR canned tuna, from cutting to final packaging.

The company has consolidated the position of ASDOMAR canned tuna at the high end of the market, and has also recently accelerated growth in the middle by bringing its very competitive standards to this segment, too. Offer is divided into two product lines: ASDOMAR tuna Premium for main courses, and ASDOMAR Medium for more everyday recipes.

Optimal positioning is the result of the will and ability to create outstanding products for the prime ingredients used, careful preparation, presentation and taste. Investments in communication and distribution, production facilities and human capital (with the new premises in Olbia, Sardinia) have allowed for the ASDOMAR canned tuna brand to increase its consumer base tenfold – 400 thousand to nearly 4 million families. ASDOMAR tuna’s commitment to sustainability is unmatched.


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