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Pasta export, the ultimate Italian authentic production triumph

Pasta and export celebrate two years of success, with an increase and surpassing of the already excellent results of the previous year, in the fields of export and, consequently, production. In the wake of a positive trend, pasta export of the peninsula amounts to about two million tonnes exported (+ 4.2% compared to 2013), more than two billion euro in value.

Progress stands over two percent of annual growth from 2001 to 2014. The main importers are France, Germany and the UK, which together make up 46% of the international market. Russia is positioned above + 15%, and what must be emphasize is a particularly favorable period, with values increasing across the board. On the European podium, Italian pasta.

Export and a growing appreciation are the outcome of excellence in the manufacturing of Italian pasta, a unique food and strictly non-GMO, that has its origins in an ancient Italian tradition. A sustainable and natural product, thanks to the strict national law imposing only durum, wheat, semolina, water and salt in pasta production. With Gift, Pasta and export seize the perfect moment to meet new markets, the ideal partner to promote genuine and quality products worldwide.

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