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If you are looking for a food that is nutritious, sustainable, versatile, and cost effective, you cannot beat genuine Italian durum wheat pasta. It has the advantage of a long shelf-life, and because of the huge variety of pasta recipes it is highly adaptable to almost all cultures and palates, including vegetarian.

Made from a dough of durum wheat flour mixed with water that is then shaped and dried, many countries claim to have invented it, but it was certainly known by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and Italians perfected its production and use. Italy is the leading global producer of pasta, and of the 13,5 million tons of pasta produced globally in 2013 Italy was the leader with 3,326 million tons. Not only that but Italy is also the biggest consumer and exporter, and of the 3,715 million tons of pasta exported in 2012, Italian exports were the highest at 1,802 million tons (with a value of 1,936 million Euros). Pasta’s popularity is spreading to many countries and demand is increasing all over the world.

History and expertise make Italian pasta the obvious choice, and with such a vast range of types, GIFT has all the information you need to help you pick the right one for your needs. For the best taste and quality, always choose the authentic Made in Italy pasta, and beware of imitations.

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