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Pasta calories, portions and types

Pasta calories are more or less the unvaried among the myriad varieties available. In Italian pasta, they are rather uniform, especially when their impact on a finished recipe is considered after adding a condiment. This category is full of different shapes, sizes and uses, not to mention dried and fresh types of pasta.

A 60 gram portion of Durum wheat flour tagliolini contains an average of 82 calories. The identical quantity made with the addition of egg sits at around 73. A dish of whole grain Sedani has about 72 calories. All kinds, in line with their condiments, can constitute a complete meal, rich in carbohydrates, but not excessive in calorie content, like a serving of pure protein. 80 gr of spaghetti with tomato sauce equals some 449 calories, while the same amount of penne alla carbonara pushes up to 579.

Of pasta and its relative calories we can definitively say that it is a healthy and natural food, it doesn’t lead to fat, and it can be consumed every day. In terms of dieting, pasta is a reliable ally: if you want to slim down choose integrale, cooked al dente, with a light dressing of extra virgin olive oil and vegetables.

To rediscover Italian pasta, calories and your figure must also be weighed in relation to physical exercise!

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