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Handmade pasta, Italian excellence

Handmade pasta is a true pleasure in the kitchen, the apex of all types of Italian pasta, and the irreplaceable base for excellent primi piatti. Handmade pasta is still going strong, one needs only to think of the case of Gragnano, a producer that has never veered away from traditional handmade practices, using bronze cutters, and the peninsula’s top Durum wheat flour.

There are numerous efficient and superb producers across Italy that are able to express the maximum in taste, in the regions of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzi and Puglia. Each one keeping the traditions of its own distinct culinary characteristics alive. Gragnano, for example, is widely available at the international level, goes beyond other types of handmade pasta in terms of flavor, cooking and texture.

The best Italian chefs recommend taking a close look at the name artigianale, or handmade, on many packages, because the brand may not employ methods, working the ingredients by hand, and drying the finished product at low temperatures (35C°), rather than industrial driers. If you go to Gragnano, ask where the Gentile works is, and you will see the magic of producing 140 kilos of handmade fusilli per day in this manner!

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