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Organic Produce Expo 2015

Organic produce at Expo 2015, an oasis of biodiversity

Great attention will be on organic produce at Expo 2015. The flourishing sector of Italian organic agriculture is well represented in the Biodiversity Park, an area of 8500 m² next to the East entrance, that takes the visitor on a journey through the world of organic agriculture, to the products it supplies.

The ideal exponent of the theme of Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, organic production is illustrated with an exhibition on the best of Made in Italy and a display about biodiversity: an asset that the organic farming method itself helps to preserve. For a break that combines flavour and sustainability, inside the pavilion is the store NaturaSì, and the restaurant Alce Nero, an esteemed name in organic food.

The Biodiversity building was built by BolognaFiere, in collaboration with FederBio, the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture, CIA and with the support of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and that of the Environment. A winning combination for the organic industry, which continues to grow. The SINAB Report confirms that in 2014 the number of operators grew by 5.4% and the land cultivated increased by almost 13%, making a total of 1,317,177 hectares nationally.

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