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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, A Pinnacle Achievement

Organic extra virgin olive oil is the absolute maximum level of excellence, and it is good for the planet, too. The rules that govern the production of organic olive oil are strictly defined, regulating every aspect of cultivation, harvesting, producing and bottling. The conversion from conventional to organic farming lasts three years.

The definition of organic extra virgin means that the olives utilized to extract this precious nectar are obtained without the use of pesticides, to protect the environment for future harvests and generations to come. Waivers do exist, but are regulated and are issued only in the face of serious threats such as infestations of the olive fruit fly (Batrocera oleae), an insect that is able to cause enormous damage to output, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Organic techniques require the rigorous observance in each phase and process. Organic substances are used to fertilize terrains, and applied to the surface to safeguard the characteristics of the under soil. After picking, carried out by hand, the raw material is taken to the press for extraction in line with precepts that ensure the best Italian extra virgin.

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