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Olive Oil Brands, Only Italian Will Do

The standards embodied in the olive oil brands of Italy are a deeply rooted historic phenomenon strictly connected to the Mediterranean basin, and Italian olive oil brands profit from the area’s unique climate, geography, cuisine and exchange of cultures. The process of making it is traceable to the very beginnings of agriculture, and people’s courtship of the olive tree as a source of their livelihood and well-being.

They stand apart as representatives of one of the world’s premier producers and consumers, a fact that makes them among the highest quality and most diverse available. Creators of this pale-green nectar take great pride in their timeless art, ensuring they maintain the unmistakable characteristics sought after by an ever-increasing global customer base.

The country accounts for over 20% of production across the globe with important centers in the Tuscan cities of Lucca, Florence and Siena, as well as Trapani in Sicily and Umbria. The region of Puglia holds the title of top producer in terms of volume. No matter its place of origin, Italian experts consistently bring products of singular elegance to tables through a recipe of passion, tradition and innovation.



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