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Off with palm oil contaminated with cancerogenous substances from powdered milk for the newly born. Il Fatto Alimentare and Great Italian Food Trade promote a petition on Change.org

099e55bd f003 4083 9f3b e533bbabfb51Immediately remove palm oil contaminated with cancerogenous substances from powdered milk for the newly born. Il Fatto Alimentare and Great Italian Food Trade turn this invitation to companies that have for years used tropical fat for almost only economic reasons. This choice is unacceptable, especially after the May 2016 Efsa opinion on the presence of cancerogenous contaminators in palm oil generated during refinement. There is also the matter of land grabbing and wild deforestation still underway to extend palm plantations in Indonesia, Malesia, sub-Sahara Africa and Latin America. Big firms justify using palm with the need for getting adequate composition for the unweaned’s nutrition needs and guarantee greater stabiity. These are weak arguments as for years brands like Coop, Sicura and Dicofarm (and recently Plasmon with just 2 products)  have used other fats without their reducing quality.

Arguments in favor of palm are like those from cookie and snack producers, who justify use with unlikely theses, without bothering to change the recipes so as not to lose market shares (as Barilla is doing).

If powdered milk producers have so far ignored environmental complaints, it is now hard to justify the presence of an ingredient contaminated by cancerogenous substances in powdered milk for children. We asked the firms to explain, but answers were vague and no one was fully committed. With this petition, Il Fatto Alimentare and Great Italian Food Trade ask: Mellin, Nutricia, Ordesa, Hipp, Humana, Milte, Nestlé, Unifarm, Sterilfarma, Nipiol, Menarini, Laboratori Alter, Plasmon and Holle to change immediately powdered milk formula, eliminating any possible cancerogenous substance contamination.

It is hard to make firms modify a product but we’re hopeful. Already, after 6 months’ pressure, 176 thousands and over 100 articles convinced Mulino Bianco, Pavesi, Colussi, Plasmon… and tens of other firms to remove palm oil. This time we hope it’ll be swifter.

Sign the petition: change.org/stoppalmabiberon

email: greatitalianfoodtrade@gmail.com



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