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WHO, junk food alarm: ads hidden on the web

The World Health Organization – WHO – launches an alarm against junk food published by the web, i.e. the most familar environment for children. Social networks, blogs and apps are now a tool for promotional messages on junk food, one of the main causes for the child obesity epidemic.

The WHO report reveals harsh criticism against governments for not overseeing the effects of a phenomenon that modified consumption and advertising methods and great worry over initiatives that turn into out and out traps.  This means fast (junk) food, which attracts youths to their venues, becoming important places for increased reality projects like Pokemon Go. The trend seems to escape parents fully as well. Yet analysis carried out in the US shows bloggers are more influential than films or TV.

The WHO food, physical activity and obesity program head denounced trough BBC News the strong lack of regulations to safeguard minors from junk food ads. The rules only concern traditional media, and could not keep up with the consolidated change, now favouring digital media.

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