Diet Reduces Risks

Recent research concludes that a Mediterranean diet aids in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The latest confirmation comes from the Predimed project, conducted at the Clìnic hospital in Barcelona and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The study followed 7,500 people between 55 and 80 years of age that had already been exposed to primary causes, such as diabetes and tobacco addiction. Subjects were divided into three groups and participants were given a diet with higher levels of foods typical to Mediterranean cuisine, foremost olive oil, then walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, as well as a slight reduction in fat intake in the control group.
The results spoke clearly. Among the volunteers nourished in respect of the principles of the Mediterranean diet the risk of cardiovascular disease, in particular that of heart attack, dropped by 30%. The Mediterranean dietary model, as Il Fatto Alimentare points out, is based on high levels of olive oil, fruit, vegetables and grain consumption. The nutritional pyramid is then completed with moderate portions of fish and poultry, then low levels of dairy products, red meat, cured meats an sweets.

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