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Healthy Eating Guidlines

Healthy Eating Guidelines, At the Center of Nutrition

Healthy eating guidelines provide precious help in following a healthy lifestyle and making informed decisions on nutrition. In Italy, they are compiled by the Italian National Food and Nutrition Research Institute (Inran), and are a reference point for healthy eating.

The researchers involved in these authoritative and ongoing studies observe time and again the relationship between good health and a dietary regime based on the Mediterranean diet, not to mention adequate physical exercise.

The healthy eating guidelines they gather offer much to reflect on. For example, to control weight, the excess of which can cause a number of pathologies, they warn of engaging in extreme dieting or methods that promise “miraculous” results. It is simply advised to increase consumption of energy foods while reducing portions, choosing ones with fewer calories that are filling. Fruit and vegetables are key, and are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. In addition, the importance of legumes is highlighted, sources of protein and fiber, and cereals, bread and pasta, better still if whole wheat.

Specific guidelines are often available for free on the web – a perfect place to start before enlisting the aid of an expert.

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