Grana Padano Nutrition is Healthy

Grana Padano nutrition comes out of the fact that it is made using partially skimmed milk, making its energy content slightly lower than that of other widely consumed aged cheeses. Over 30% of the fats found in Grana Padano cheese are unsaturated, which means they are particularly sought after for their level of nutrition, and health benefits. It also packs in a solid portion of mineral salts, meaning it is one well rounded cheese.

But this is only the beginning. In addition to iodine (essential for your thyroid), selenium (which fights free-radicals), magnesium and phosphorus, it is a significant source of calcium: 50 grams supply a whopping 600 milligrams, equal to 60% of the daily nutrition recommendation for adults and the elderly, half for adolescents and 43% for women who are pregnant or nursing. It is rich in vitamin B12, and substantially void of lactose. Just about anyone can benefit from eating it on a regular basis!

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