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Once only available in pharmacies, now sold in supermarkets, gluten free foods are making the leap to become food products like any other, even in the minds of consumers. This is what emerges from updated sales figures through April 2013, published by Distribuzione Moderna. Compared to last year, pasta, biscuits and gluten free bread substitutes increased sales by 3.1% and volumes by 5.9%, but the most surprising figure came from large-scale distribution channels, super and hyper markets, with two-digit growth at 18.4% in turnover and 18.9% in volume.
The trend seems most consolidated in northern Italy, with the west showing the highest increase in quantity (+22.7%) and the east the greatest in value (+21.2%). More competitive prices appear to have had the biggest influence on the sales upswing for these distribution channels, as well as investments made in private labels. Diversification has also been key factor with Italian food companies of any size competing with new product lines. All of this leading to an important step in the passage of gluten free foods from a medical requirement to a healthy and tasty alternative to their conventional counterparts.

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