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Mozzarella from Gioa del Colle PDO

The Association ‘Treccia della Murgiaafter harvesting favorable opinions from the Apulia region, submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture the product specification of the Mozzarella Gioia del Colle. (1)  In view of its registration and recognition of the rights conferred to PDO’s at the EU level.

The Mozzarella from Gioia del Colle is made exclusively from whole-cream cow’s milk with physical-chemical and organoleptic properties which are duly described in the product specification (in Article 2).

The area of production is restricted to certain municipalities in the provinces of Bari and Taranto (see product specification, Article 3). With precise obligations of documented traceability of raw materials and products flows, under the Consortium control. (Article 4)

The fresh milk used must arise from cows reared on grassland for at least 150 days a year, primarily fed with grass and hay of polyphite herbage (for at least 70% of the dry matter), in addition to leguminous, cereals and by-products of their processing, carob (Art. 5).

The manufacturing process, according to centuries-old local tradition, requires the use of just raw milk, with peculiar characteristics (as for levels of fat and proteins). The lactic starter for coagulation comes from previous productions, thereby benefitting from indigenous microflora. Spinning in super-heated water and subsequent immersion in cold water for thickening (Article 5, 6).

Mediterranean climate, ventilation of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, calcareous soils rich in spontaneous thyme, widespread handicraft work, and the delicious ‘treccia’ (braid) is done. In a tradition documented since the early ‘900s. 

What else to say? Thank you!

Dario Dongo

(1) See product specification on http://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/atto/serie_generale/caricaDettaglioAtto/originario?atto.dataPubblicazioneGazzetta=2017-08-28&atto.codiceRedazionale=17A06033&elenco30giorni=true

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