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Molino Rossetto, Satisfying Gluten Free Desires

Italy’s baking mix producer Molino Rossetto is consolidating its hard earned position in large-scale distribution channels, and is looking to invest with renewed vigor in promoting its gluten free range of products there. Molino Rossetto, a family operation established in the province of Padova in 1843, shows continuing growth in supermarket and hypermarket sales. The trade journal Distribuzione Moderna reports volumes worth some 13mln euros (+30% from 2012 to 2013), with more than 17mln items sold (+15%). Its presence among private labels has also increased, accounting for 30% of total earnings.

The future will also be nothing less than gluten free. The company has always placed a high impetus on innovation through a philosophy that combines forefront technology with eco-sustainability for its gluten free flours and mixes for cakes and other baked goods. It has also announced that as of 2014 all of its products will be certified by the Italian Coeliac Association (AIC) with the objective of tailoring products that are healthy and wholesome to satisfy this growing stratum of consumers.

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