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Mediterranean Diet Memory

Mediterranean Diet Memory Loss

In the Mediterranean diet, memory is safeguarded. This is the conclusion reached by nutrition researchers, who have unveiled the latest in the positive impact of the lifestyle and eating habits it embodies. The Med diet is celebrated across the world by the international scientific community through awareness campaigns aimed at making people eat and live better.

The benefits to brain function come from such authoritative sources as the journal Neurology, published by the American Neurologists’ Association. A study involved and followed 17,478 individuals over the age of 64 to verify the relationship between the observance of Mediterranean-style diets and cognitive and mnemonic activity.

The data gathered highlighted that in healthy subjects that fell strictly in line with the Mediterranean regime, there was a reduction in the risk of developing neurological disorders equal to 19% compared to others. This advantage is directly associated to nutrition, based on consuming foods with Omega-3 and a reduced dose of saturated fats with moderate meat and dairy intake. Easy to remember, right?

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