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Volume of DOP, IGP and STG Products

The seventh edition of Atlante Qualivita is scheduled to be unveiled in Rome on June 7th and will include the presentation of the new volume which describes all Italian DOP, IGP and STG food, agriculture and wine products registered through May 24th 2013. Published with the support of Ministry of Agriculture, and in collaboration with Aicig and Federdoc, this year for the first time the Atlante Qualivita will also feature an English and digital version. A project which aims at promoting knowledge of Italy’s food excellence abroad, the Qualivita Foundation was established in Siena in 2002 to strengthen the DOP, IGP and STG protected origin labels. The event will take place at 11.00 in the Sala Cavour at the state organ’s headquarters with the participation agricultural minister Nunzia De Girolamo and the president of the EU Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Paolo De Castro. To sign up for the event visit Qualivita on the web.

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