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New Investment Plan

Orogel closed out the 2012 financial year with positive financial results. In the company’s core business of frozen foods, annual turnover was equal to 176.2 million euros (up 3.6% compared to 2011), and in the first quarter of this year Orogel confirmed its leadership in the frozen vegetable segment. All of the group’s production takes place in Italy, adding value to the bounty of the traditional products that characterise peninsula, with close collaboration between farming and production. In order to guarantee the quality of its goods from the harvest to the table, the company has launched “Orogel 360°”, a comprehensive monitoring system that begins during seeding, and ends with distribution, strengthening the “Wellness Made in Italy” project with increasing attention on renewable energy and the environment. The positive results now allow for the 65,000,000 euro investment plan Orogel plans to implement over the next three years.

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