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Health and Safety Requirements

The USA is set to introduce new strategies to integrate regulations on food safety. The new measures are aimed at farmers, processing companies, and importers. The basic concept is for these companies to check themselves through the implementation of the HACCP system in order to be able to guarantee the safety of their products.
Regarding business relationships abroad, the first step to integrating the regulations will involve food imports to the USA (about 15% of the food consumed in the US comes from outside the country). American importers will have to verify that their foreign suppliers implement the same level of food safety measures that are used domestically.
The second phase in the integration of the food safety regulations will provide for establishing the certainty of corresponding practices for the companies and processes taking place, so that all countries fall in line with the requirements set by the US.
It will be indispensable for Europe, which has had a similar food safety regime for a number of years, to define multilateral agreements of reciprocal recognition on the equivalency of official public controls and /or the suitability of international standards, such as the ISO 22000:2005 certification.

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