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Combining the best ingredients in Italian cuisine with the mastery of great chefs in making them into unforgettable dishes, filming them and spreading them across the web to make the taste of Italy available to everyone. This is the mission that lays before Unforketable, the first video encyclopedia of flavor born to bring Italian cooking traditions to the world.

The promoters of this innovative editorial project are two important figures on the scene in Italy. Talented chef Niko Romito of Ristorante Reale in Castel di Sangro in the region of Abruzzo (which has just won its third Michelin star), and Garofalo, the historic Gragnano pasta factory that started operations in 1789.

With 52 videos, available in Italian and English, Unforketable is set to become the perfect guide to learn the secrets of regional specialties, as well as the three basics of Italian cooking: quality, tradition and knowledge.

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