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Italian Lentil Soup

Italian lentil soup, recipes for any occasion

Italian lentil soup is an example of reinvigorating Italian lentil recipes, ideal for cold winter evenings. It is one of those bowls of lentil soup, steeped in tradition, that is able to turn your table into a place of warmth and intimacy for a perfect evening with the family or friends. It is possible to cook Italian lentils in a minestra, utilizing a variety of boxed or dried legumes. Always make sure the product is of the highest quality and exalt it with other authentic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and spices.

This tiny pulse boasts a long history feeding humankind since the origins of civilization (a soup called “konkion” was famed among the Greeks), and it is mentioned in the writings of Aristophanes, Chrysippus and Pherecrates. Ancient Romans also cooked their own brand of Italian lentil soup, adding a pesto of cumin, coriander, mint and pepper.

Celebrated Italian recipes are the passato, soups with rice or potatoes, and to conclude a delectable cream. As for regional specialties, there is a recipe from town of Castelluccio named Zuppa alla Castellucciana, while the Altamura varietal marries well with the towns unbeatable bread.

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