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Italian Bean Soup

Italian bean soup, recipes with pasta

A bowl of Italian bean soup is able to guarantee the body’s total daily nutrition needs, no matter the bean or recipes chosen. It is for this reason that the peoples of the Mediterranean have always cultivated the habit of cooking beans, each with their own styles and traditions, especially in the northern central region of the Italian peninsula, where the practice reaches its pinnacle with pasta.

If Tuscany holds itself to be the origin of this particular minestra, Italian recipes are applied throughout the national territory. Naples and Campania is the only place to cook this bean soup differently, steeping the ingredients together in order not to lose the starch released by the pasta to obtain a thicker broth.

The nutritional properties of the Italian bean, rich in vitamins, proteins (assimilated in equal measure from meat) and fiber, the soup is usually prepared with short pasta to add the iron and essential amino acids present in cereals.

This unique specialty represents one of the most traditional and ancient recipes of the Italian country cookbook.

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