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2016 pulses year

2016 pulses year. Cheap, healthy and environment ally

2016 international pulses year. FAO, UN agriculture and nutrition organization, dedicates 2016 to pulses, food that is precious and useful for world population nutrition. Cheap, healthy and environment ally, they are indeed characterized by fine protein, nutritional power.

Decreeing 2016 as a year dedicated to beans, lentils, peas, chick peas, broad beans, lupins, to cite just the most widespread, is a way devised by the UN to promote their consumption worldwide. And the reasons abound. They’re a fine source of protein, far cheaper than those of animal origin. Obviously without gluten, they contain very little fat, are rich in soluble fibre and nutritional substances and are when dried consumed all year round.

Equally important is the environmental safeguard these plants represent. Growing them enhances soil fertility, raising productivity and reducing dependence on synthetic fertilisers. A group of benefits represented by the slogan “nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”, adopted by the UN general assembly to promote 2016 as pulses year.

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