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Intellectual Property Attorneys for International Protection

As intellectual property attorneys, De Simone manages intellectual property projects and international trademark registration for clients of every dimension, including many large multinationals. In 2002, a new structure was created for De Simone & Partners attorneys to meet rising demand.

With the help of a consolidated group of lawyers and advisors, these attorneys provide assistance at the global level in a variety of sectors, with expertise in food, agriculture, and related fields.

Registration using intellectual property attorneys grants the exclusive rights for the use of intangible property nationally and globally, as well as the faculty of denying use to other enterprises that offer similar products or services. Trademark registration is the first step that allows a business to protect its investments, guaranteeing its durability on the market. A trademark is the distinctive symbol for any company to identify and distinguish what it offers.

Domenico de Simone is one of the founding members of the Italian Association of Consulting Companies in Research, Innovation and Development, and has always pushed for the spread of this culture. Today, it is among the most internationally accredited firms in the intellectual law field.

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