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Food labels. Seminar at Rome for translators

Food labels. Seminar at Rome for translators and interpreters on December 2016. How to translate food labels, claims, ads (on the web too), without violating the iron Reg. (EU) regulation 1169/11 on consumers information. This is the theme of the seminar organized by AITI, the Italian Translator and Interpreter Association, Section Lazio.

The speakers are Dario Dongo, international food right expert, lawyer, journalist, founder of WIISE (FARE – GIFT – Food Times) and cofounder of Fatto Alimentare, and Luigi Mancini from FARE, technology and food production expert, GHP and Haccp, quality management systems and labelling.

The programme concentrates on correctly interpreting regulations and vocabulary inherent in food labels and right links for USA, Canada, Latin America, Marocco, GCC-Gulf Cooperation Council, South Africa, India, Australia-New Zealand markets.

Participants can freely download materials to bring to the seminar:

– ebook ‘L’etichetta’, Dario Dongo, 2011, download free at www.ilfattoalimentare.it

– various further articles at www.foodagriculturerequirements.com

The day is worth 10 education credits. Appointment at
9,30 at Hotel Atlantico, in via Cavour 18, Rome. Cost is 50 Euro for AITI members and 100 Euro for others. For information and enrolling: formazione@lazio.aiti.org.


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