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Italy Protests

A chorus of criticism has come from Italy and other Mediterranean countries after the European Commission decision for an about face on anti-fraud rules for olive oil. Bottles with taps that hinder their refilling in restaurants serve “so they will not be refilled with other oils of dubious origin,” stated the head of the Alliance of Agriculture Cooperatives Maurizio Gardini. According to Paolo De Castro, the step back “has dug a dangerous trench” between the countries of northern and southern Europe. “It is a cultural battle more than one of legality,” stressed Agriculture Minister Nunzia De Girolamo. “The lobbies have won, changing a decision that was supported by 15 member-states,” added Coldiretti chief Sergio Marini. “It is absurd to cancel already approved rules that we have been discussing for a year,” remarked Federolio chairman Gennaro Forcella.

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