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Italy Leader in Europe

With the largest portion of farmland dedicated to organic cultivation techniques and some 50,000 companies, Italy is Europe’s largest producer of organic food.
Organic farming in Europe doesn’t use chemicals, preferring non-destructive alternative farming practices including the use of resistant plants, and predator insect species to ward off parasites. This increases and maintains the land’s natural fertility, as well as supporting biodiversity.
European organic farming respects nature’s harvest schedule for products to make sure they are ripe, and guarantees that the lives of animals are in line with each species’ specific needs, taking care of their wellbeing and strictly limiting the use of antibiotics.
The rules which govern Italian organic farming make it even closer . For example, only in Italy is it possible to make organic wine without sulphites. Nature permits it, but without Italian enological technology this would be impossible.
Organic foods are a part of the country’s culture, where land isn’t just lived on, but embellished and improved, to the point that it has become what the world knows as “Italy”.

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