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Trento Sparkling Wine

Trento sparkling wine, another italian masterpiece

Trento sparkling wine is a classic method spumante of excellence originating in the Trentino region. The color of this Italian sparkling wine is pale yellow, with thick perlage that seduces with a delicate fruity aroma accompanied by a slight hint of freshly baked bread. It captivates the senses with its dry, sweet and sour taste, with the full, round impact of its structure.

Sparkling Trento DOC was awarded this prestigious certification of origin in 1993, laying down strict rules for production from the vineyard to the glass. The process starts with the base, mostly local Chardonnay grapes, to which sugars and yeasts are added. Thus begins the second fermentation in the bottle for at least 15 months, then the elimination of wastes and the final tapping.

This Trento wine is paired well with many Italian dishes. Perfect with fish, it is an ideal companion to rice, pasta and vegetables. It is also exceptional with medium-aged cheeses. In the demi-sec version, it turns on desserts, enhancing the flavor of cakes with fresh fruit, or crunchy sweets with little sugar.

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