CPS Sparkling Wine

Cps sparkling wine

CPS sparkling wine is an Italian sparkling wine producer that started operations in the northern province of Ravenna in 1990. Ever since it began, CPS – Centro Produzione Spumanti has focused its energy on producing the highest standard in Charmat method and naturally fermented sparkling wine. The rolling hills that characterize the area are ideal for winemaking, and the company prides itself on a level of innovation that makes it one of Italy’s sector leaders.

CPS’s excellent products include Vallunga Brut and aromatic sparkling wines, in addition to Moronico reds and whites. There is even the Baccante Forlì IGT demi-sparkling Chardonnay for those seeking a truly unique and refreshing speciality.

Bottling is carried out on site, where the same rigorous guidelines are applied to each stage of production. It is particularly proud of its innovative sterile microfiltration technology. In 1998, CPS was one of the first producers to apply a detailed HACCP plan for hygienic manufacturing practices, which led to the ISO-UNI-9002 quality system certification in 1999, renewed to UNI-EN 9001-2000 in 2002. 

All of CPS’s output is marked by tangible principles that shine through every aspect and detail, most importantly taste.

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