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Italian organic wine, the growth continues

The Italian organic wine is the result of an approach focusing on the natural goodness of the grapes of the peninsula, choosing a non-invasive method of organic production from agriculture to bottling, reflected in the excellent nature of the products. These organic brands, Italian for the most part, are experiencing a very fertile appreciation. The Italian territory is rich with organic and/or “eco-friendly” wineries.

A wine is organic when it is in conformance with the principles of organic agricultural processes.

According to records of Nomisma Wine Monitor, figures are growing in both the Italian domestic and in the international market. The 2013 case is exemplary where the increase in the local demand of 4% occurred in contrast to the decrease of the total 6 %. The US statistics state that for every 3 bottles of organic wine purchased one is Italian. The problem of yield per hectare, now close to the average, can also be considered solved.

The Italian output represents 7% of the full amount produced, i.e. four million hectoliters. A sector made of Italian organic brands ready to bet on excellence, thanks to the exclusive use of certified and often ancient techniques (for example manual destemming) and limiting or even excluding the use of sulphites.

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