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Italian wine brands, the best of Italy

Italian wine brands distinguish themselves internationally for their craft, professionalism and passion, elements that are transferred to every single bottle of Italian wine. The solidity of their reputation, has put Italy among the top two producing countries globally.

The country is also the world’s leading wine exporter, which means that Italian brands are incredibly adept at securing international distribution, and that their output, such as Italian red wine and Prosecco, satisfy millions of consumers worldwide.

Riding on the crest of this wave, new markets in China, Russia and Latin America have combined with those in the US and Europe to offer staggeringly unique opportunities for Italian winemakers to share their products.

Italy is home to some of the most renowned brands, varietals and producers, with regions offering their own microcosm of traditions and tastes, reflecting the characteristics of the land, climate and palate of each individual place.

Whether you prefer Nebbiolo, Amarone, Chianti, Grecco di Tufo or Primitivo, there is always room for discovery when looking closer at the able hands behind your favorite wines.

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