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Italian mineral water export, the amazing market in a bottle

Italian mineral water, export with enormous growth opportunities in Asian markets. Firstly due to its mineral nutritional facts and variety, naturally pure and untouched by law, Italian bottled mineral water is destined to win over the consumers of China, India and other countries, a real rise for the italian noble water.

China and India are the protagonists of the surge in sales of Italian bottled exports. Figures collected speak of a + 16% increase last year in Asia also affecting further emerging economies (Vietnam and Pakistan, for example). In the EU and US data remains stable, with volumes which have already been high (30 billion liters during the current twelve months alone in the States), despite the decline caused by the crisis.

It is estimated that in the next two years it will exceed carbonated soft drinks in the “top list” of the global consumption of beverages. Excellent news, since it makes up about 70% of our body, and it is certainly the healthiest of any drink.

Italian producers can look to the future with optimism, internationalizing their brand and increasing customer portfolio. Find out how, with Gift, portal of the Italian supreme excellence.

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