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Italian Poultry for Authentic Recipes

Italian poultry is highly valued among the different kinds of Italian meats. The reason? In addition to having less fat, poultry recipes are also flavorful, convenient, versatile and unique. In particular, eating chicken has increased notably in recent years due to the fact of its suitability for diets that require lower calorie intake.

In Italy, the region of Veneto is responsible for the vast majority of Italian poultry on the market, followed by Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, and Piemonte, with these four regions accounting for 79% of total production. The constant focus on quality makes this specialty unanimously considered the best and safest poultry in Europe. This success is attributed to Italian raising practices, and nutritional characteristics with limited amounts of saturated fats and unwanted elements.

Moreover, iron in Italian poultry is equal, or superior to poultry of other nationalities. Chicken and turkey are rich in lysine, the limiting amino acid in cereals and pulses, providing important advantages for people who eat lots of carbohydrates, like pasta or bread. Though harder to find on Italian tables, guinea hens, and wild game such as quail are just as delicious and nutritious.

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