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Pickled anchovies

Pickled anchovies, authentic stories, recipes

Pickled anchovies are a traditional Italian dish, one of the best known recipes for oily fish preservation. They are fished between March and August to the light of lanterns, on the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic coasts. This, their working, is spread in all Italy, curiously enough also finding widespread use in Piedmont, a sealess region. Dishes like bagna cauda seem to be due to the tradition of “acciugai” or “anchoiers” in Occitan, who finished field work and then struck the land selling anchovies and sometimes other types of oily fish.

The history of many foods meets in the Belpaese, keeping the wish to make outstanding products on the boil. A jar of anchovies coming from tricolore is marked by manual working and immersion in pure extra virgin olive oil.

There are many anchovies recipes: they can be cooked with garlic, lamb, beef, vegetables in general, or just with a toasted slice of Tuscan bread. Famous actor Ugo Tognazzi in his recipe book “L’Abbuffone” reveals simple, tasty preparation, “spaghetti alla Scheggino”. Wine tasters recommend the stunning match with Prosecco Valdobbiadene.

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