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Imports Set to Increase

Two months after the go-ahead in the US on imports of salami, pancetta, coppa and other Italian salumi with short aging periods, already reported on by Distribuzione Moderna and GIFT, the country has finally extended the authorization to Italian bresaola for sale inside its market.
Assica, the association that watches over standard and cured meats like bresaola in Italy, estimates that on the whole, exports for the segment to the US could increase by 17% with the inclusion of bresaola. “With the recent opening in the US to meats aged for shorter periods,” stated chairwoman, Lisa Ferrarini, “we had estimated an increase in exports to the US in 2014 worth 10mln euros. We are confident that with the recent opening, and the enthusiasm it has met with, that this forecast could top the 12mln mark.” Last year total exports reached 68mln.
The historic ban on importing bresaola to the States was formally tied to the beef origin of its meats, as a part of protection measures taken to limit risks derived from BSE. Since then, the World Organisation for Animal Health included Italy on the list of countries representing a minimum risk. The safety of its food products remains at the top of rankings both in Europe and internationally.

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