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Trade Obstalces Removed

After over 15 years the most insidious non-tariff trade barrier against exports of Italian medium-aged cured meats to the United States has fallen. US health authorities have officially recognised indemnities for swine vesicular disease from four regions and two autonomous provinces, with the go-ahead from May 28 for companies from these territories to export salami, pancetta, coppa and culatello to the US. The news was released by Assica (Italian Meat and Cold Cut Industry Association), which reminded that it is already possible for prosciutto and mortadella to cross the Atlantic without obstacle. The move could be down to the easing of tensions surrounding the start of EU-USA free trade negotiations, but above all Italy’s Ministry of Health must be thanked for its multi-year efforts on the issue, in particular those of the head of veterinary medicine, Dr. Romano Marabelli and parallel EU support. However, this is not an unconditional green light. Producers wishing to export to the US will have to equip themselves with supplementary health certifications, as well as subject their products to specific transport conditions. In any case it is a huge step forward after a decade and a half of waiting.

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