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Raising Awareness Among Consumers

Granarolo, Italy’s number one milk and dairy producer, is launching an awareness campaign against food waste. In many countries, the phenomenon has reached unsustainable levels, and could be reduced significantly, by up to 60% through the adoption of simple models of behavior.

Food waste in Italy is estimated to have an annual cost of some 18.5 billion euros, with the highest percent related to what happens after it is purchased. Granarolo has therefore decided to make consumers more aware of the serious loss of resources, what causes it, and offer them ideas on how to turn things around.

The information campaign will be spread on the packages of 25 million Granarolo products (milk, ricotta, mascarpone) with practical advice on how to lower household food waste through appropriate conservation and refrigerator management. The initiative is part of the national effort “A Year Against Waste” conducted by Last Minute Market, a group which Granarolo adheres

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