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Qatar Becomes Important Partner

The Italian export industry has received some promising news. Qatar Holding and Italy’s Strategic Investment Fund have set up a joint-venture worth 2 billion euros for shared investments in Italy. Yet another agreement should also be signed soon between Italy and Qatar, this time worth 1 billion euros, for investments in small and medium sized enterprises.
One of the government’s tasks, which aims decidedly at liberalising trade, is that of promoting export initiatives for the Italian entrepreneurial system, which is the second largest manufacturing sector in the eurozone. Since these companies are strongly oriented towards exporting their products, the government is looking to convince investors to support the development of Italian businesses.
New laws introduced in recent months have made Italy a more open country that is friendlier towards business, a fact which has also been recognised by the World Bank in its last “doing business” report. Shared investments, liberalisation measures and, above all, the quality of Italian goods, will be the foundation of a massive program of projects to boost Italy’s national economy through the country’s already very strong export industry.

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