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Nine New Products in 2012

Italy ended 2012 as the leading country for products in the food and agricultural sector due its large number of quality certifications. Last year was marked by a volume of nearly 1.3 million tonnes, with channel sales hitting 6.5 billion euros and final sales to consumers reaching an astonishing 12 billion. Italy leads the world in the sector with 248 products registered with the EU, of which 154 DOP, 92 IGP, and 2 Specialità Tradizionale Garantita (STG).
Italy’s leading role is also confirmed by the nine products which were granted quality certification: Cinta Senese DOP meats, Squacquerone di Romagna DOP and Nostrano Valtrompia DOP cheeses, Vulture DOP extra-virgin olive oil, produce from Ciliegia di Vignola IGP, grapes from Puglia IGP, Dro DOP plums and lemons from Rocca Imperiale IGP, and finally Trapani IGP marine salt.
During the course of 2012, Italy also obtained approval from Europe for the modifications requested for the certifications of five Italian products: Abbacchio Romano IGP (lamb), Coppia Ferrarese IGP (bread) Provolone Valpadana DOP (cheese), Patata di Bologna DOP (potatoes), as well as oil varieties from specific DOP areas.

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