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DOP and IGP Products Value 11.5 Bln

Italian food products with protected geographic indications, such as DOP and IGP, from Europe are worth over 54 billion euros and represent 15% of the total for EU exports in the food and beverage sector. Outgoing products to countries beyond the EU are worth some 11.5 billion, with important destinations such as the United States (30%), Switzerland and Singapore (7% each), Canada, China and Hong Kong (all at 6%). This is the data emerging from a study carried out by the European Commission on the value of the block’s products that have been granted protected geographic indications, including wine. According to the report, which includes fact sheets on the different member countries consultable on the official site of the General Directorate of Agriculture, geographic indication products are appreciated more, as well as more frequently purchased in their country of origin. Italy and France have confirmed themselves as those with the highest number of DOP and IGP products, and account for the largest share of sales at 60%.

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