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Companies are Resisting

According to a recent study by the market research firm Format, Italian distilleries are resisting the crisis and have faith in recovery despite the current economic outlook. The study set out to analyse the general state of health of a sector which for years has accounted for a large share of Made in Italy’s success. Compared to the overall situation for Italian companies, distilleries are showing stout resistance to the crisis.
Marking the difference between distilleries and other manufacturing sectors is that employment is holding. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of companies which increased their workforce outweighed those who let people go. The end of last year was enormously positive, with 91.7% of distilleries informing not suffering the crisis and keeping jobs unvaried.
The solidest companies were by far the largest with smaller distilleries sensing more turbulence in the market, at least in part. In particular, the northwest corner of Italy has been exhibiting the best economic performance, with about 50% of companies reporting growth.
On average, about 15% of distillery sales volumes come from beyond national borders. The most important markets for these products are Europe, America and Asia. In spite of this, no one is considering moving production abroad.

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