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Cibus 2014 International Food Exhibition, Exports Set to Grow

The Cibus 2014 International Food Exhibition closed last week in Parma with signs that demand for Italian food exports is growing, and that they are continuing to attract attention on a global scale. The data coming out of the 17th edition of Cibus 2014, Italy’s largest international food exhibition is staggering.

Cibus was host to some 67,000 visitors, 2,700 exhibitors and 12,000 foreign buyers. The resulting forecasts for the future dynamics in Italian food were encouraging to say the least, with peaks in interest from markets abroad hinting at marked increases in sales globally. A study presented at the event estimated that the next 10 years would see growth from 26 to 70 billion euros. To cultivate these opportunities it will be necessary to adopt the best strategies for entering the world marketplace.

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