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Asian Conumers in Sights

The markets of Asia are the target for the plan to double exports over the next two years. This is the objective of Noberasco, the dried fruit and nuts producer based out of Albenga, Liguria. One of the highlights of the strategy is the focus on organic products, in order to connect the themes of taste and wellbeing.

It is an approach that in the snack industry “will bring us closer to Asian consumers than their American counterparts”, stated the company’s general director Gabriele Noberasco at the Cibus export seminar. The B2B fair hosted at the Fiere di Parma featured some 20 sector players from Asia, and more than 300 Italian food companies.

Dried fruit and nuts are not a typical product, but they may become so in the future through presentation, packaging and the Made in Italy label. According to data presented by Federalimentare and the Institute of Foreign Commerce, markets in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) area are discovering Italian food through exports that saw a leap of 30% in the first 6 months of 2012. Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore (with whom the EU signed a free trade agreement) boast 600 million shoppers with income not far off their western counterpart.

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