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An Opportunity for Italy

Mongolia is an optimal trading partner for Italy to focus on for business opportunities due to its rapid growth among countries on the international landscape. In the food sector, with particular attention to livestock, meat production, and dairy, Mongolia represents a real chance as a candidate for a partnership to span the future. Producers of meat processing machines can contribute to an industrialisation which could translate into an increase in Italian exports.

The spread of state-of-the-art machinery is the basis for the modernisation of agriculture. Mongolia has great potential for growth, but suffers a severe technological deficit. Italian industry will be able to provide Mongolia with an important partner thanks to the unquestionable quality of its products. The central Asian country has also fixed the first objective of supplying its domestic market with safe, healthy food that is affordable through the promotion of organic foods. The wide availability of raw materials which characterises Mongolia is another factor which could make Italy such a fundamental partner due to the advanced technology it possesses.

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