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A Truly Noble Metal

Copper is likely the metal which humans have used for the longest with the first artefacts dating back to 8,700 BC. This easily-workable material is still widely used today by the world’s greatest chefs, because it guarantees quality in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that copper transfers heat better than any other substance, and makes sure that it is uniform across the entire surface. This helps avoid burning food, which can be damaging to our health.
Copper guarantees kitchen quality, because it allows for slow cooking, to obtain homogeneous temperatures which conserve nutritional properties, the food’s original flavour, and ensures notable energy savings if you consider the times employed for preparing roasts, risotto, or soups. Copper also makes kitchen utensils practicably indestructible.
In Ravina, Trento province, Navarina has set up the largest copper museum in Europe with a collection of some 3,000 objects to reconstruct the history of this important material, as well as its use in kitchens, from the 1500s to today.

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