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Unilever on a Mission

The cream heart at the core of the Algida Cornetto has just gotten greener. Unilever has just unveiled a logistics change for its Algida ice cream snack brand, shifting from tyres to rail, in a sign of sustainability. The group is set to substitute 3,500 trucks with three weekly routes on the Verde Express train. The new means of delivery from the Caivano production facility, near Naples, to a hub in Parma will reduce CO2 emissions by 2,600 tonnes, and lower costs by 6%. It is a win for Algida, and its parent company, any way you look at it. The new move fits into the context of Unilever’s larger sustainability plan, which has cut greenhouse gases correlated to its activities by 10% since 2010, and aims at halving its environmental impact by 2020.
The Algida brand was started in Rome by a member of the resistance after the Second World War, who was entrusted with two ice cream machines by the Allies. Among the most famous ice creams in the range are the Magnum, Solero, Carte d’Or and the classic Cornetto.

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