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Sustainability in Business

Companies from three continents committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) have seen their financial performance forecasts soar beyond expectations over the long term. The conclusion was reinforced in a paper released by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, which includes the US, UK and France in its ranks.

The report centred on the socially responsible business activities implemented by Asian companies with a long list of successful case studies, including the food and agriculture sector. Two specific cases were singled out showing the positive correlation to support the thesis that environmentally friendly and social policies are good for business.

The first contained meta-analysis of 52 scientific articles from 2003, demonstrating that promoting corporate virtues through CSR, and to a lesser degree, environmental initiatives pays off both in terms of reputation and monetary gain. The second, from 2007, established a link between “responsible” companies and a revaluation of share capital that surpassed expectations over the course of ten years.

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