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Sensors Able to Identify

A new app and a series of small sensors which connect directly to an iPhone will be able to help us determine if the food sitting on the plate in front of us is organic or not, if we are being exposed to radiation or electromagnetic pollution, according to the computer magazine PC-Facile.
There are a number of apps which help us stay healthy. Some of them keep track of the food we eat, the physical exercise we engage in, monitor our hearts, and the list continues to grow as each day passes. Now with Lapka, an app originating from a Kickstarter project which is set for launch towards the end of the year, we will be able to be sure if what we are eating is organic.
Lapka is comprised of a set of four independent sensors, which together with iPhone, offer information regarding food, as well as invisible particles like ions, molecules and the waves of energy that surround us.

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