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Research and Development Expands

Over four billion euros in seven years for research into productivity and sustainability in food and agriculture. This is the opportunity for the AgriFood sector in Europe offered by Horizon 2020, the new R&D framework totaling 77bln for the 2014-2020 period approved by the European Parliament.

Not only is it neatly a fourfold increase compared to the current budget allocated to research and development, but also a conceptual revolution based on innovation from the ground up built around territorial clusters made up of farmers, food processing companies, institutions, universities and research centers. The primary instrument of the change is the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) that aim at the creation of a virtuous circuit between economic, research and experimentation.

Through these innovation groups, Horizon 2020 will complement other EU programs and policies including European Structural Investment, CAP, COSME (to make SMEs more competitive), Erasmus+ and Life.

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